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EEA Nationals And Family Members

At present there is no real change in the way EEA nationals can live and reside in the UK, however the government have stated that you can apply for what is called settled status.

This means that if you wish to continue to live and reside in the UK after June 2021 you would need to make an application for settled status.

The scheme will open fully by March 2019. The deadline for applying will be 30 June 2021. You may be able to apply after this date if you’re joining a family member in the UK.

Rights for citizens of Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland are still being negotiated.

Having settled stats would mean that you continue to be eligible for:

  • public services, such as healthcare and schools
  • public funds and pensions
  • British citizenship, where one meets the requirements you meet the requirements

At present nothing has come into force and the full details of the settled scheme remain subject to parliament approval.

At present nothing has come into force and the full details of the settled scheme remain subject to parliament approval.

Where you can show that you are in the UK as an EEA national exercising treaty right you are
entitled to apply for a registration certificate. You would need to show that you are a qualified
person. Speak to us today if you need to know if you are entitled to apply for a certificate.
It is not an absolute necessity to have a certificate however it has proven time and time again
to be useful to have a registration certificate especially when you need to prove you rights of
residency in the UK when applying for permanent residence. You can apply for permanent residency after 5 years of exercising treaty rights in the UK.

Family members of EEA (and Swiss) Nationals

Those who are family members may be entitled to live and reside in the UK with the EEA national. Speak to us to find out if your family member is entitled to join you in the UK.

The points-based system was brought into effect in order to manage migration routes into the UK and to provide a system in order for those to be granted and leave within this route. The Immigration rules also must be read as part of the various appendices. Such applications can be extremely complex the expert advice and assistance is usually required.

Family Permit

An EEA family permit acts similarly to a visa. It gives the holder the right to enter the UK and is valid for 6 months. This can then be extended further by applying for a ‘Residence Card’.

If you are a non-EEA national coming to the UK to join your partner who is an EEA national and you plan to stay here in the long term, you will need to apply for this permit before travelling. If you do not, you could be denied entry at the port and experience major delays when travelling without one.

Residence Cards

If you are a non-EEA national and are in the UK living with your EEA national, then as a family member you may be entitled to apply for a residence card.

The residence card is valid for 5 years and following completion of 5 years you can apply for permanent residency in the UK.

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