I’ve claimed Asylum but my family are still abroad… what now?

Being separated from family is something we have all had to deal with since the pandemic has started, so we all know how lonely it can be to not have our loved ones around us. Now think about this, think about just how difficult it must be for asylum seekers who have had to leave their families behind with little hope that they will see each other again. Many asylum seekers leave their families behind due to the risks surrounded with leaving their country, they simply cannot flee altogether. Now if only there was a way to reunite families who have been separated…

We all know the importance of having a bond with our families and how much family means to each and everyone of us, so much so that the European Convention on Human Rights sets out the right to respect for private and family life under Article 8. This means that everyone has the right to enjoy and maintain family relationships without interference from the government and this should be no different for those granted asylum in the UK.

Given that the UK are no longer a part of the EU, Brexit has affected many laws and regulations, including family reunion matters. Prior to the 31st December 2020, The Dublin III Regulation allowed families spilt across European countries to be reunited during their asylum claim, but this is no longer the case. The Secretary of State for the Home Department can no longer arrange the transfer of asylum seekers from or to the UK however, family reunion matters will proceed under the UK Immigration Rules. Whether it be your children, a spouse or other close family members, enforce your right to family life and let us help you with your application.

Afterall, all of us at Shawstone appreciate how difficult life can be without the support and love of your family around you, so we want to help you with your matter as best as we can. Should you have a successful asylum claim in the UK and want to reunite your family, why not get in touch with Shawstone Associates to assist you in a family reunion matter?

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