Detention, Deportation or Removals

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Contact us if you require Bail, Immigration Bail, or have been issued with Deportation Order or are facing Removal from the UK.

The Home Office in Enforcement Instructions and Guidance provides with details on how detention will generally operate, where they have powers to detain and exercise any control on detention.

Detention would also need to be reviewed within a certain period and where detention is not justified we can assist with release under Immigration bail and Tribunal bail. Contact us if you are issued with deportation or removal from the UK. We can assist with judicial review applications and submitting
grounds demonstrating why deportation should not take place in your case.

Preparation of such cases need to be thorough and requires adequate evidence to support the matter. We will help you in the preparation and careful consideration of documents as so to avoid possible refusal of bail applications and temporary admission applications. Where you have been given no right of appeal we can consider the strengths in pursuing administrative review or judicial review.

If you’ve been a victim of trafficking you will need a referral to the NRM which can be provided by first responders, we can explain who you would need to contact and thereafter assist with a claim as a potential victim of trafficking. If you are entitled to Legal Aid, we will advice you and how the process takes place.

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Get in contact with us today for a solution to all your immigration related problems. We are specialist immigration solicitors who can assist you with a range of applications. Contact us either by filling out our contact us page below, or you can telephone us and we will be able to offer you a suitable appointment. Either way where we are able to assist we can offer you a suitable appointment. We also offer legal advice and assistance through Legal Aid, therefore contact us to see if you are entitled for your case to be conducted via legal aid.

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