Asylum and Humanitarian Protection

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Asylum is considered as somebody who is in need of protection.

You can make an application for asylum if you fear return to your country based on a convention reason. You would need to be able to show that you are unable to return to your country because you fear persecution

An application ideally needs to be made on arrival to the UK or as soon as possible. If an application is being made after some time you should explain the reasons behind the delay in making a claim.

Your claim would need to show that you are in fear of persecution on the grounds of;

  • your race
  • your religion
  • your nationality
  • your political opinion
  • anything else that puts you at risk because of the social, cultural, religious or political situation in your country, for example, your gender, gender identity or sexual orientation

You will also need to demonstrate that you have been unable to obtain protection from the authorities in your country.


You family members such as your partner and children who are under 18 can be included in your application as your dependents. However, your children and your partner can also make their
own applications.

Following a claim for asylum, you will have what is called a screening interview. At the screening interview you will be asked questions relating to your claim ad your fingerprints maybe taken. Further to the screening interview you will be issued with your substantive interview, which is a detailed interview with the Home Office in which they will take all the information and details about your reasons for claiming asylum. Following this interview, you
will be served with a decision on your claim.

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